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How Powers Performance Physical Therapy
​can help keep you active without pain medications, injections or surgery.

If you are looking at this page, you probably have some pain, injury, or movement limitation. You may also just want to perform your sport or activity at the optimum level or prevent future injuries. The first thing you need to know "about" Powers Performance Physical Therapy is that we can help you, and we can help you in less time than you may expect.

"Our goal at Powers Performance is to help all athletes and active adults address nagging injuries and pain in order to restore mobility, keep you moving and get you back to doing what you LOVE. Along with years of experience and my vast knowledge in the fitness industry, I will provide you with a thorough assessment, educate you on every aspect of your care, and empower you to achieve the next level in your personal and fitness goals.  Take care of your body—book your next appointment with us today."

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Powers Performance is a privately owned out of network physical therapy practice. Since we are out of network, we are able to provide personalized one-on-one care for each patient, each and every visit. Each patient will see their therapist every visit for an entire session. This allows us to provide better service and treat you the way you deserve to be treated. You will get more value for each session and spend less overall time in the clinic addressing your injury. We base your plan of care and recovery off YOUR goals, including high level fitness goals, NOT goals of the insurance driven healthcare; which often stops at basic tasks such as sit, stand, and walk to determine discharge. Powers Performance will also correct the fundamental mechanics of movement patterns to keep you out of pain longterm. My specialized training addresses all aspects of wellness (sleep, nutrition, recovery, mindset, stress), which insurances do not feel is necessary and therefore will not cover.

*note: health spending accounts may be applied to services and reimbursable invoices are available to send to insurances that cover out of network benefits.

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