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After a few sessions, I finally felt strong enough to step back into the gym, and within a month I was at full strength. By the end of the year, I was knocking my old PR's out of the water, including surpassing the overhead lift that first injured me!  Amy gave me practical tips I could incorporate into my day-to-day lifestyle, and she genuinely cared about helping me improve my health as a whole - not just recover from injury.



I talked to Amy about the numbness I was experiencing in my elbows. She taught me how it had nothing to do with grip or my elbows. After four sessions - I was doing things much differently and understanding how load on my spine changes my whole workout. The difference with Amy and other PT is that we worked on what hurt not just what was prescribed by a doctor.


Katie O

Amy knows fitness, wellness, recovery and so much more! She is knowledgeable and dedicated to her own health/fitness, as well as her clients. She helped me identify many things that were aggravating my body, and taught me strategies that i can use daily to alleviate them. She is a breath of fresh air, and has so much positive energy, it really motivates you to do the work and commit to the process!

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